Music Example – Kennerman Suite

I was hoping to post this with a paragraph or so from Bregan himself, but he has been a bit busy at the moment so just the video itself will have to do!

My mission for Bregan for the music was just to make some tracks to signal the key moments in the story. When I first heard the track I felt it fit perfectly. It manages to bring my first chapter to life via music.

In writing news, I’ve written the first part of the first chapter, and moved what I had as the original first chapter to a bit later on. Reshuffling already.
Also I’ve scrapped the prologue, it just didn’t fit. It may make a return in the future as a spin off short story.

Hopefully I will post a few extracts from what I’ve written soon, also I’m hoping to explain a bit more about the universe of Future Grim.

Safe travels.


Character Art – Francis Kennerman

Pointy features for a disturbing creature.

Francis Kennerman

I’ve finally decided on a style for the concept art. As you can see above I’ve taken inspiration from minimalist and Plakatstil. However I’ve added my own twist by giving the features of the face oversized proportions, giving it a cartoonish vibe. I feel it captures the world of Future Grim.

Also debuting in this picture is a work in progress of the Kennerman logo, currently four dots (like on a die) but with two being slightly larger. For me this represents the four corners of the universe working together, great or small, to solve a problem.

Doing artwork of the characters really helps me bring them to life in my mind. It also allows me to experiment visually with costumes and facial designs. When I come to describing the character in writing I’m hoping that I’ll have a good grasp on what they look like. I will definitely be doing more characters in this style.

I’ve got an example of some of the music that will be showing soon, just waiting for a bit of a write up from Bregan about the techniques he is using to create an interesting sound to go along with my world.

You can find Bregan’s work here, this track is a personal favourite of mine.

Good luck out there.

Weekly Star – 07/08/3228

A section dedicated to the basic knowledge and information of those who run the corporations we serve every day. Nights may be dark, so let the Weekly Star light up your life.

“Rated  #2 on the charts, Kennerman is the most profitable corporation by a sector boundary. They are regarded as being brash and bold, something I can attest to from personal experience. Fierce during times of business and calm and calculating when drawing up plans for conquering sectors, and boy do they like conquering sectors. The CEO for the time being is the presumed missing, Francis Kennerman. A man who is rarely seen or heard from, but you have to give the man a break, he is being hailed as the ‘downfall of Kennerman’ due to recent events.  Four years into Francis’ tenure, Kennerman Corp quickly  fell from the #1 spot. This failing was pinned entirely onto Francis

Some of the Kennerman staff felt disappointed with the early retirement of the former CEO, Jacob Kennerman, Francis’ Father.  A dedicated group within the company, who named themselves the loyalists, called for Francis to retire. With no son or daughter at the present time, Francis has no one to pass down the corporate torch. Second in command, Zanshal Hobbs, is possibly next in line. Not a particularly desired outcome as the corporations like to keep it in the family.”

“After digging into Francis’ past, rumours surfaced of the idea of an illegitimate son, born a few years before he took the reins of the company. Francis has refused to comment on multiple occasions as to whether this was true or not.

Further delving into his company has revealed Francis to have a rather unusual bodyguard. The person appears to be a tall muscular woman. Any attempt to make contact with her has left our reporters with a stark reply and threats of violence.”

World History 2100-3200

This is a brief history of the world, and in my opinion a good introduction to my book, which takes place in the year 3229.

Quite a few concepts that I’m going to use in the story aren’t explained here, I wanted to focus on the main elements, some of the details are subject to change

The year is 3229. A lot has happened in just over 1000 years. I won’t go into details now (saved for a later post) but the Earth still exists and humans function in the same way, no one has magical powers or supreme control. There are also no signs of alien life, it appears just humans exists in the universe.

In 2150 humans travelled faster than light, reaching new planets. Just in time as the Earth was about to crumble under its own population. A few hundred years later in 2300/2400 and humans began living on new planets, abandoning Earth with the help of privately funded corporations. The real problem came when deciding on new leaders, a government for these new planets. It was left in the hands of the corporations that got the people there, the corporations that funded the evacuation of Earth.

Moving onto 2500 and these corporations have started to expand even more, beginning to fight over resources. The problem is the resources are near infinite. Space just doesn’t seem to end. Corporations claiming planets for future mining expeditions planned out years in advance. This is known as the War of the Corps. The weapons used in these wars were devastating, a mixture of nuclear and super heated plasma, the deaths were uncountable and estimated at billions.

By 2600 The corporations decided that a truce was the only option. Too many people had died causing a universe wide stalemate. The sensible option was to stop the madness and begin with a new age of peace, but that didn’t happen. Instead the corporations latched onto a stupendous idea of banning ranged weaponry. Guns, missiles, rifles ect. all destroyed. War was then abolished and a new word came into use, a seemingly ancient word, business. Business prevailed. Business would begin when two rival corporations both had right to claim a territory. The ships would dock, they’d meet up and hash out who should own the planet/moon/asteroid.

2650 and the concept of business worked well, most of the time. Rivalry between the corporations meant angst at these meetings, hard words were used and sometimes even harder punches. It was only when crews of ships started to board while arming themselves with knives and clubs. They weren’t covered in the ban, the idea hadn’t even come up at the time and it would’ve seemed stupid to ban knives when ships were using nuclear arsenals to decimate each other. Plans of banning this melee weaponry dissipated when crew claimed self defence issues. It just so happened no one wanted to stop the men and women who were completing business far away from civilisation, from having basic defensive tools.

2800 and nearly 150 years of business, the ranged weapons ban still in full effect. Corporations, wising up to the flaws in their own rules, start arming their crews with swords. They begin to rig the once peaceful docking transports into hull burrowing assault pods known as tics. These business transactions became bloody, but they didn’t cost that many lives as ships would surrender quickly after witnessing the horrific events. Once captured they’d just ‘transfer’ the crew to the other corporation. You’d change your uniform and not much else.

Corporations fall and rise and by 3200 business is running exactly how it’s meant to, no one knowing any different. There is a lot more to explain, I haven’t touched on ‘populace planets’ or the names of the actual corporations themselves (I didn’t want this back-story to get too confusing by bogging it down with details). My book takes place in 3229, and is the story of one of the corps in this world, Kennerman. It’s the beginning of the end for a way of life that’s latest for 400 years. Only a widespread rebellion can stop this way of life now.

The next post will either cover a brief overview of the corporations or the history behind the populace planets. This information isn’t crucial to my story, but it definitely helps you understand the world quickly.

It’s a nice day to live,


Information Surge


This is just a quick explanation of why I’m writing a blog and what I’m looking to gain from this.

Previously (in 2012) I started a project of doing a digital drawing everyday. It went well and I finished it, but the most important thing I got out of it was practicing drawing everyday. The pressure I put on myself allowed me to prioritise my working schedule, which also allowed me to focus and get it done. I’m hoping writing a blog about my book will give me the same constant feeling of pressure, giving me the enthusiasm to get things done.

Of course If someone enjoys my writing as I go along, that’s great too. I’m hoping to do a post at least once a day, detailing any ideas I’ve had about the world, analysing technology that could fit into the story or writing a profile on certain characters and locations. I haven’t decided if this blog will contain any spoilers for my book, but it will most likely just be detailing the universe and a progress report of where I am so far.

The banner at the top of the post is colour coded. Blue means information about the project overall (like this post), orange is ideas and characters from the main story, black is about the world they inhabit and red is any history beforehand.

I will be writing a short synopsis about the world previous to where the book starts to give you an idea of what kind of place it is. You should see that posted later today.

Have a nice life,


The Future is Grim


For two months now I’ve been working on a Sci-fi Political Dark Comedy Thriller (Genre pending) set in a Corporate Punk world of my own creation.

A quick introduction. My name is Kyle Lewis Carter, I’m 21 and this is my first novel, but hopefully not my last. I trained in video production for four years. It was an exciting and amazing experience. However I found that it wasn’t the visuals or the technology that I enjoyed, it was the ability to tell a story. Video production tends to require props, locations and collaboration. These things require an ever inflating budget, and for a fan of Science Fiction, laser guns don’t come cheap (unless you make them out of an old Tripod 😉 ). My point is that video production becomes a barrier to progress, just something to get in the way while your ideas take a backseat. I tried writing a radio comedy, which ended up suffering from the same problems as the videos. Time, money and people.

So now I’m at the cornerstone of all ideas, the written word. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier. Characters can be exactly how you pictured them. Locations can dart back and forth from deserts to space stations and it doesn’t cost a penny. You also aren’t required to rethink because of constraints. A liberating feeling that to some might feel intimidating, but for me it’s allowed ideas to flow and thoughts to run wild.

Future Grim is my story, how I want it to be told. It’s a tale of power and greed, men and women who will stop at nothing to control the entirety of everything. Future and Past, decisions creating unprofound ripples into lives of the many. Liberation and Violence, because you can’t spell new world order without a boot to the shin and a fist to the face.

It’s a take on the politics of today multiplied ten fold into the future of space exploration and conquest. I will be slowly revealing the ideas and concepts of this world over the coming months. I’ve been working on concept art, backstory and I will even have some accompanying music (made by a good friend Bregan Mencarini) coming soon.

Remember to stay safe, keep your shuttle doors locked and your sword by your side.

Because the future is grim.