The Future is Grim


For two months now I’ve been working on a Sci-fi Political Dark Comedy Thriller (Genre pending) set in a Corporate Punk world of my own creation.

A quick introduction. My name is Kyle Lewis Carter, I’m 21 and this is my first novel, but hopefully not my last. I trained in video production for four years. It was an exciting and amazing experience. However I found that it wasn’t the visuals or the technology that I enjoyed, it was the ability to tell a story. Video production tends to require props, locations and collaboration. These things require an ever inflating budget, and for a fan of Science Fiction, laser guns don’t come cheap (unless you make them out of an old Tripod šŸ˜‰ ). My point is that video production becomes a barrier to progress, just something to get in the way while your ideas take a backseat. I tried writing a radio comedy, which ended up suffering from the same problems as the videos. Time, money and people.

So now I’m at the cornerstone of all ideas, the written word. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier. Characters can be exactly how you pictured them. Locations can dart back and forth from deserts to space stations and it doesn’t cost a penny. You also aren’t required to rethink because of constraints. A liberating feeling that to some might feel intimidating, but for me it’s allowed ideas to flow and thoughts to run wild.

Future Grim is my story, how I want it to be told. It’s a tale of power and greed, men and women who will stop at nothing to control the entirety of everything. Future and Past, decisions creating unprofound ripples into lives of the many. Liberation and Violence, because you can’t spell new world order without a boot to the shin and a fist to the face.

It’s a take on the politics of today multiplied ten fold into the future of space exploration and conquest. I will be slowly revealing the ideas and concepts of this world over the coming months. I’ve been working on concept art, backstory and I will even have some accompanying music (made by a good friend Bregan Mencarini) coming soon.

Remember to stay safe, keep your shuttle doors locked and your sword by your side.

Because the future is grim.


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