Information Surge


This is just a quick explanation of why I’m writing a blog and what I’m looking to gain from this.

Previously (in 2012) I started a project of doing a digital drawing everyday. It went well and I finished it, but the most important thing I got out of it was practicing drawing everyday. The pressure I put on myself allowed me to prioritise my working schedule, which also allowed me to focus and get it done. I’m hoping writing a blog about my book will give me the same constant feeling of pressure, giving me the enthusiasm to get things done.

Of course If someone enjoys my writing as I go along, that’s great too. I’m hoping to do a post at least once a day, detailing any ideas I’ve had about the world, analysing technology that could fit into the story or writing a profile on certain characters and locations. I haven’t decided if this blog will contain any spoilers for my book, but it will most likely just be detailing the universe and a progress report of where I am so far.

The banner at the top of the post is colour coded. Blue means information about the project overall (like this post), orange is ideas and characters from the main story, black is about the world they inhabit and red is any history beforehand.

I will be writing a short synopsis about the world previous to where the book starts to give you an idea of what kind of place it is. You should see that posted later today.

Have a nice life,



3 thoughts on “Information Surge

  1. Very clean design! It’s always nice to meet someone with such strong resolve for their craft. Drawing every day is hard! I’m doing the same with my writing, making sure I always jot down a few hundred words at bare minimum. And reading – always reading all over the place to inhale knowledge, haha.

    All the best with your ventures! I’d love to learn more about your project 🙂

    • Thanks! Drawing everyday was hard, but doing it has definitely given me confidence in myself. I get to say “I did a drawing everyday” which is a sentence that helps me gather the enthusiasm to do anything I want to do.

      On the subject of my project, I’m guessing I’ll write something up later on today.

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