Character Art – Francis Kennerman

Pointy features for a disturbing creature.

Francis Kennerman

I’ve finally decided on a style for the concept art. As you can see above I’ve taken inspiration from minimalist and Plakatstil. However I’ve added my own twist by giving the features of the face oversized proportions, giving it a cartoonish vibe. I feel it captures the world of Future Grim.

Also debuting in this picture is a work in progress of the Kennerman logo, currently four dots (like on a die) but with two being slightly larger. For me this represents the four corners of the universe working together, great or small, to solve a problem.

Doing artwork of the characters really helps me bring them to life in my mind. It also allows me to experiment visually with costumes and facial designs. When I come to describing the character in writing I’m hoping that I’ll have a good grasp on what they look like. I will definitely be doing more characters in this style.

I’ve got an example of some of the music that will be showing soon, just waiting for a bit of a write up from Bregan about the techniques he is using to create an interesting sound to go along with my world.

You can find Bregan’s work here, this track is a personal favourite of mine.

Good luck out there.


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