Francis Kennerman – The Glory Years



A quick update with a drawing of Francis Kennerman. One of the main characters from my book.

Young Francis


I was trying to capture his arrogance and thoughtfulness. I might put a bit more time into this in the future, but I quite like it as it is.

Till next time,

KL Carter


The Ratter Logo


Ratter is the fifth highest corporation and a very secretive bunch of people.

(I did a previous Logo Exploration that you can find here. However it was back when I was persistent in the idea of including the whole name in the logo, which didn’t really work in hindsight).

You can't call them spineless!

This is the Ratter Logo. Following on with the same style as the rest. However this logo varies in shape, being a tad bigger than the others.

The subject of the Ratter logo is a spine. They are seen as those who put in a backbreaking amount of work. The Ratter are also prone to sticking to their values and holding on until the bitter end. You can expect the Ratter to be quiet and reserved, saving their strength for a fight worth extruding effort. Don’t however confuse them for being lazy, as they will cut you without a second thought.

I like parts of this one and dislike other bits. However it does have a certain feel to it that I’m quite pleased with.


On writing news, I’ve took a day off today and made a structurally unsound Lego castle. Ah, the simple joys in life.


The Ratter Logo is also part of the cover design. It ended up looking a bit spooky and mysterious, which pleases me.

May the cold keep you warm,

KL Carter

The Franklin Logo


Franklin is the fourth highest corporation. They were the original trendsetters but they have lost touch over the last century.

(I did a previous Logo Exploration that you can find here. However it was back when I was persistent in the idea of including the whole name in the logo, which didn’t really work in hindsight).


The Franklin Logo is a bit more complicated, but I’ve still tried to keep the overall design quite simple.

The subject this time is quite obvious. Franklin has always been at the forefront of technological advances.The shape is also reminiscence of a badge because of Franklin’s tendency to ‘police’ the areas without proper control measures.

I still like this one, but it’s my least favourite out of the five. I could never get it looking ‘perfect’.


Writing wise, I’ve done a chapter review with a friend. I’ve also been helping him with his story, being sort of a personal trainer for writing. It sounds silly but I feel it could be an avenue of business I could get into, as I’m good at it.


The Franklin Logo is also part of the cover design. Tomorrows Logo will be Ratter’s.

Keep safe,

KL Carter

The Volan Logo


Volan is the third highest corporation and the rival of Kennerman.

(I did a previous Logo Exploration that you can find here. However it was back when I was persistent in the idea of including the whole name in the logo, which didn’t really work in hindsight).

It will stare you into submission.

This is the Volan logo. It follows the design principles of the Kennerman Logo. Simple style, sharp lines and only a few focus points.

The subject of the logo is a more subtle addition. Volan’s chosen human asset is vision, whether that means vision of a better future or the ability to learn from their past mistakes. The ovals shyly represent the Volan’s ever vigilant eye.

This is one of my favourites from the ones I’ve made. It captures the company perfectly and really fits with the characters.


On writing news, I’ve just finished Ch9. I had a dry spot for a few weeks were I was feeling a bit out of sorts. Now I’m back in action putting out 900 words per day.

Bregan Mencarini is still hard at work on the music that will accompany the book. He has nearly finished track three. Yesterday I was speaking on Skype and he told me that “Track 2 is one of the best I’ve done in a while”. Speaking as someone who has heard Track 2, it really is very good and lives up to the hype. He has managed to mix eighties synths with more modern variants to give it a unique sound. It not only fits with the book, it brings the world to another level.


The Volan Logo is also part of the cover design. The Volan colour features (as do the other corperations). It not only gives the cover an interesting style, it tells you something about the book. Which in my opinion, is very important. Tomorrows logo will be for a corporation called Franklin.

Just so,

KL Carter

The Kennerman Logo


Kennerman is the number two corporation and the focus of the book.

(I did a previous Logo Exploration that you can find here. However it was back when I was persistent in the idea of including the whole name in the logo, which didn’t really work in hindsight).

Kennerman Logo

Above is the Kennerman logo. When creating it, I was initially inspired by crests of lords and monarchy. I decided to take a cleaner approach and distilled the design to basic shapes, simple colours and to only add a small amount of detail.

The subject of the logo was a difficult decision. In the beginning I ruled out animals because of their lack of relevance in space. For a week (after a walk through the woods) I ran with the idea of trees and leaves representing the corporations. This was problematic because I found they were too impersonal.

Thankfully that chain of thought lead me towards using the human anatomy as the basis for the designs. What better way of making a corporation seem like a human than giving it body parts like some sort of Frankenstein creation.

Obviously the hand is chosen to symbolise the Kennerman corp. Some would say Kennerman don’t mind ‘getting their hands dirty’ and ‘actions speak louder than words’. This is why the hand makes a great image to sum up how the Kennerman corp deals with day to day problems.

The Kennerman Logo is a centre piece of the cover design. The other corporations feature as well, I will delve into their logos in the next few days.

Have a good life,

KL Carter

Sleep and it’s Importance


I wouldn’t call myself an insomniac, but the choice between sleeping and watching another episode of The Simpsons can sometimes be difficult.

I’m stuck in a situation of not wanting to go to sleep. The morning ushers in a set of objectives I’d like to complete during that day. Most of these tasks end up being put off till the next day while something less important takes their place.

The problem is I find myself the most productive in the morning. 9 till 12 seems to be a golden time for my inspiration. I want to carry on writing, the ideas flow to an extent that I find it hard to write them all down before I forget the core concepts. However by staying up late I lose this time. Instead of getting started writing I’m unmotivated to do anything. I get annoyed at myself and just play video games to distract myself from my goals.

Now I haven’t written anything for a week and I’m starting to feel awful for missing my self imposed deadlines. It’s hard to manage people, let alone manage yourself.

This leaves me awake again (it’s about to hit 1 am where I am) with the anticipation of not wanting to write in the morning. I’m not lazy (I think I’ve proved that to myself by writing 40k words), I just find myself unmotivated to get started.

If anyone has any ideas, I’m up for anything right now.


A post everyday?


What a concept, one post everyday. Obviously the question mark is to get me out of the mud when I ultimately forget to write one. Think of it as a vague target.

I’ve recently updated my About Me page:

“Future Grim is a WIP novel by KL Carter. It’s dark satire of a universe controlled by corporations. Everyone in the world lives in a perpetual state of “it will do”.

Eos, the female lead, is a face punching bodyguard loyal to her employer, Francis Kennerman (one of the most influence men of his time). She will do whatever it takes to unravel the mystery in this science fiction thriller, even if that means changing her opinion on how the machine should run.”

Its quite exciting because it’s the first time I’ve written anything about one of my protagonists, Eos.  She is a muscly miscreant who is trying to turn her life around, working a simple job as the Bodyguard for the Kennerman Corporation. I’ll write a bit of a Bio for her soon.

Also I’ve mentioned one of the key concepts I’d like to cover in my book. It’s the idea that even though your life might be shit, someone is always worse. For some reason that chain of though makes everything feel better. Think of the universe of Future Grim as an extension of that. Hopefully I’ll write a bit about this concept in a future post.

I’m going to be compiling a list (and adding a new page to the blog) of things I’d like to write about.

Currently it’s:

  • Logos Exploration
  • Introduction to the Corporations
  • Protagonists (Eos, Francis and Langdon)
  • Other Characters
  • Discrimination (within my book)
  • Mental Health (within my book)
  • ‘It could be better’
  • Social Media
  • How to Promote a Book
  • Short Story Breaks
  • Writers Dam
  • The ‘Day Job’
  • Experience vs Training
  • Short Bio About Me
  • Idea Generation
  • Why do I Write?
  • My Motivational Techniques
  • Forcing Progress
  • Visualizing Characters
  • My Name

Expect any of this list to come to a post near you!

Anyway that’s enough for today,