A post everyday?


What a concept, one post everyday. Obviously the question mark is to get me out of the mud when I ultimately forget to write one. Think of it as a vague target.

I’ve recently updated my About Me page:

“Future Grim is a WIP novel by KL Carter. It’s dark satire of a universe controlled by corporations. Everyone in the world lives in a perpetual state of “it will do”.

Eos, the female lead, is a face punching bodyguard loyal to her employer, Francis Kennerman (one of the most influence men of his time). She will do whatever it takes to unravel the mystery in this science fiction thriller, even if that means changing her opinion on how the machine should run.”

Its quite exciting because it’s the first time I’ve written anything about one of my protagonists, Eos.  She is a muscly miscreant who is trying to turn her life around, working a simple job as the Bodyguard for the Kennerman Corporation. I’ll write a bit of a Bio for her soon.

Also I’ve mentioned one of the key concepts I’d like to cover in my book. It’s the idea that even though your life might be shit, someone is always worse. For some reason that chain of though makes everything feel better. Think of the universe of Future Grim as an extension of that. Hopefully I’ll write a bit about this concept in a future post.

I’m going to be compiling a list (and adding a new page to the blog) of things I’d like to write about.

Currently it’s:

  • Logos Exploration
  • Introduction to the Corporations
  • Protagonists (Eos, Francis and Langdon)
  • Other Characters
  • Discrimination (within my book)
  • Mental Health (within my book)
  • ‘It could be better’
  • Social Media
  • How to Promote a Book
  • Short Story Breaks
  • Writers Dam
  • The ‘Day Job’
  • Experience vs Training
  • Short Bio About Me
  • Idea Generation
  • Why do I Write?
  • My Motivational Techniques
  • Forcing Progress
  • Visualizing Characters
  • My Name

Expect any of this list to come to a post near you!

Anyway that’s enough for today,



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