Sleep and it’s Importance


I wouldn’t call myself an insomniac, but the choice between sleeping and watching another episode of The Simpsons can sometimes be difficult.

I’m stuck in a situation of not wanting to go to sleep. The morning ushers in a set of objectives I’d like to complete during that day. Most of these tasks end up being put off till the next day while something less important takes their place.

The problem is I find myself the most productive in the morning. 9 till 12 seems to be a golden time for my inspiration. I want to carry on writing, the ideas flow to an extent that I find it hard to write them all down before I forget the core concepts. However by staying up late I lose this time. Instead of getting started writing I’m unmotivated to do anything. I get annoyed at myself and just play video games to distract myself from my goals.

Now I haven’t written anything for a week and I’m starting to feel awful for missing my self imposed deadlines. It’s hard to manage people, let alone manage yourself.

This leaves me awake again (it’s about to hit 1 am where I am) with the anticipation of not wanting to write in the morning. I’m not lazy (I think I’ve proved that to myself by writing 40k words), I just find myself unmotivated to get started.

If anyone has any ideas, I’m up for anything right now.



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