Music Example – Kennerman Suite

I was hoping to post this with a paragraph or so from Bregan himself, but he has been a bit busy at the moment so just the video itself will have to do!

My mission for Bregan for the music was just to make some tracks to signal the key moments in the story. When I first heard the track I felt it fit perfectly. It manages to bring my first chapter to life via music.

In writing news, I’ve written the first part of the first chapter, and moved what I had as the original first chapter to a bit later on. Reshuffling already.
Also I’ve scrapped the prologue, it just didn’t fit. It may make a return in the future as a spin off short story.

Hopefully I will post a few extracts from what I’ve written soon, also I’m hoping to explain a bit more about the universe of Future Grim.

Safe travels.