Weekly Star – 07/08/3228

A section dedicated to the basic knowledge and information of those who run the corporations we serve every day. Nights may be dark, so let the Weekly Star light up your life.

“Rated  #2 on the charts, Kennerman is the most profitable corporation by a sector boundary. They are regarded as being brash and bold, something I can attest to from personal experience. Fierce during times of business and calm and calculating when drawing up plans for conquering sectors, and boy do they like conquering sectors. The CEO for the time being is the presumed missing, Francis Kennerman. A man who is rarely seen or heard from, but you have to give the man a break, he is being hailed as the ‘downfall of Kennerman’ due to recent events.  Four years into Francis’ tenure, Kennerman Corp quickly  fell from the #1 spot. This failing was pinned entirely onto Francis

Some of the Kennerman staff felt disappointed with the early retirement of the former CEO, Jacob Kennerman, Francis’ Father.  A dedicated group within the company, who named themselves the loyalists, called for Francis to retire. With no son or daughter at the present time, Francis has no one to pass down the corporate torch. Second in command, Zanshal Hobbs, is possibly next in line. Not a particularly desired outcome as the corporations like to keep it in the family.”

“After digging into Francis’ past, rumours surfaced of the idea of an illegitimate son, born a few years before he took the reins of the company. Francis has refused to comment on multiple occasions as to whether this was true or not.

Further delving into his company has revealed Francis to have a rather unusual bodyguard. The person appears to be a tall muscular woman. Any attempt to make contact with her has left our reporters with a stark reply and threats of violence.”