The Cover – Mk.2


Writing wise, part way through chapter eight. Although I’ve been doing a bit of a mid-book review the last few days, just checking over a few chapters to make sure my writing style is consistent.

I’ve noticed that when reading back chapter one, I’ve already learnt a lot and my choice of words, flow and formatting have considerably improved.

Onto the topic at hand, a while ago I created a set of logos for the top five corporations (I will post them later on and go into some detail about the design). These logos looked good and I wanted to include them in my cover. My old cover was already quite busy and the text was hard enough to read anyway.

This lead me to design a new cover, I had the basic idea for just before I went to sleep (the place where all good ideas tend to reside).

Future Grim Mk2 

I’m very please with how it’s turned out, the text is much easier to read and it’s a very striking look. I’m not sure if this will stick or if I will come up with a better idea.

Have a nice day,

Kyle Carter.



The Cover



I’ve been working on cover art for a while. I really enjoy working with photoshop and I’ve been plugging away at some concepts, most revolving around the image of a face looking over a planet.

Below are the first two concepts I put together. The one on the left being the original conception of the ‘the face’. The right image a evolution of the idea. I tried to add some leather looking texture. Looking back on it, it just looks cheap.


More adaptations on the same idea, with the right one being an image I stuck with for a while (and what I used for the imagery on this blog). However the readability of text isn’t ideal and there wasn’t enough contrast.

KennermanCover10KennermanCover (New Font) 2

A few days ago I decided to go in a completely different direction to see what I could come up with. The one on the left is something I saw just before going to sleep, but I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out. Sure it’s intresting to look at, but doesn’t really reflect my writing and the text is quite hard to read.

The right image was thought up after doing some research. Making the text larger so it’s easier to read when viewed as a thumbnail. Also trying to capture a science fiction feel to appeal to my target audience.


I showed the three main designs to Bregan (the musician on the project) and he like the right one above the most, he said he liked the readability and the contrast of the text. It just stood out the most. My favourite was still the original design with the face. This gave me the idea to combine the two which brings me to my final set of designs below.


I’ve created some variations of the above design, but I’m not sure which one to pick. I’m leaning towards number 2 but I’d like some advice, feel free to pick one and enter it into the poll below.

On the writing side of things, I’m just cleaning up the first chapter and adding in ideas for the rest of the book to the chapter plan as I go along.

Keep believing?

Kyle Carter